Introduction to the life of Mahant Baba Brahm Dass Ji

*12th Mahant of Dera Baba Bhuman Shah Ji Sangar Sarista (Sirsa)

After the death of Mahant Amar Dass the llth successor on 01.01.03, Baba Brahm Dass Ji was coronated on the Gaddi (successorship) as per the will and desire of Mahant Amar Dass

After the death of Mahant Amar Dass the llth successor on 01.01.03, Baba Brahm Dass Ji was coronated on the Gaddi (successorship) as per the will and desire of Mahant Amar Dass and all the followers of Dera and was declared the 12th Mahant of Dera Baba Bhuman Shah Ji Sangar Sarista (Sirsa) Haryana.A brief life sketch of Mahant Brahm Dass Ji is presented here in the service of followers.

Param Pujya Baba Brahm Dass Ji took birth on 25th October 1977 at village Akkanwali, Tehsil & Distt. Fatehabad (Haryana) in the house of father Bhajan Lal and mother Mathra Devi. All the family of Guru Maharaj Baba Brahm Dass is fully devoted to Baba Bhuman Shah Ji.

Since childhood, Baba Brahm Dass ji has been praying God, and has a saintly nature. He likes the company of Saints. Due to the love of God he lives all alone. In childhood, his health did not remain well but whenever he came to the Dera Baba Bhuman Shah, his health improved automatically. But when ever he returned home he fell ill again. At that time, Sant Baba Heera Nand used to serve the Dera. Sant Baba Heera Nand told the parents of Baba Brahm Dass Ji that they should allow him to remain as a celibate (Sadhu) at the Dera Baba Bhuman Shah Sangar Sarista.

Baba Heera Nand was a true servant of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji and also an Antaryami and Ridh-Sidh Sant (A Saint who knows every thing). He estimated by his inner knowledge that Child Baldev (later renamed as Baba Brahm Dass Ji) was not a simple child but was a Divine Excellence. The father of Baldev Raj accepted his opinion and Child Baldev was put in the service of the Dera as a hermit. Under the protection and guidance of Baba Hira Nand Ji the Child Baldev started serving in the Dera along his study.

Early in the morning, he used to go for meditation, prepared and serve the food, cleaned the Dera. He felt grateful himself in serving the followers and doing the other activities of the Dera. All the followers were very happy with his services. His polite nature always influenced the visitors, followers and Mahant Amar Dass Ji. He got Mantra Diksha (Spiritual Word) from Mahant Amar Dass Ji on the festival of Teharva in 1991.

After Mahant Amar Dass left this mortal world on 1st January 2003,Gaddi (the successorship) of Dera became vacant and according to the Tradition of Dera and Will of Mahant Amar Dass, a General Meeting of Followers and Devotees was called; in which Hermits, Saints, Head of Maths (Monasteries), and Heads of Religious Institutions assembled at Dera Baba Bhuman Shah Sangar Sarista (Sirsa). All of them accepted the coronation of Baba Baldev Raj as the Mahant of Dera Bhuman Shah, Sangar Sarista (Sirsa) and according to the Tradition, Baba Baldev Raj was renamed as Mahant Baba Brahm Dass Ji. In the Coronation- Ceremony, Baba Saran Dass completed the Dera’s traditional rituals by smearing his forehead with sandal, pouring holy water.Baba Jiwan Dass ji and other saints completed the traditional rituals by putting Sehaly (holy thread)and Topi (Turban) in the presence of all the Saints and Followers.

Since that day, he is adorning the Gaddi of the Dera. Due to the Divine Power of Guru Gaddi, followers and people are coming from all over India and are given Mantra Diksha (Spiritual Words).Baba Brahm Dass ji is salving them out of the lust of this materialistic world and guiding them in realizing God.

After his elevation to the Gaddi of the Dera, Baba Brahm Dass Ji in his Maiden Speech, preached the followers that by following the path shown by Baba Bhuman Shah Ji, he would spend his whole life serving the Humanity. He further said that it would be his preference that every Visitor and Follower of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji would receive full respect and affection in the Dera.

When he adorned the Gaddi,the Dera was facing many critical problems but by the Blessings and Grace of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji he overcame all the prob¬lems and obstacles. He accepted all the challenges positively in spite of his young age. He led the followers in this struggle. He saved Respect, Property and Land of Dera. With the Grace of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji, he spread out the Teachings of Dera in different states as Haryana, Punjab, U.P.,Rajasthan etc.

Along this his name and fame have started spreading out in India and abroad. Now he is salving millions of people by doing Satsangs and spreading the Teachings of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji. His words prove beneficial for the people who are coming from far and near for his Darshana.

With the Divine Power, Grace and Blessings of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji all the wishes of followers are being fulfilled. After the Coronation of Baba Brahm Dass Ji constructive works of the Main Gate, Dharamshala, Cow Shed, Dispensary, Satsang Hall, Langar Bhawan have been completed. For the improvement of Agricultural Land of the Dera, new Tubewells and Underground-Pipelines have been completed and extended. Agricultural Equipments, Tractors and other Machines are purchased. Baba Bhuman Shah Sr. Sec. School is being constructed for poor, needy and intelligent children. Along this, the beautification of Dera is also going on.

Baba Brahm Dass Ji restored Dera Baba Bhuman Shah at village Bhuman Shah, Distt. Mintgumri (Pakistan). He visited Pakistan thrice and the renovation of Dera in Pakistan is being done by Pakistan Govt. All this happened due to continuous and endless efforts of Baba Brahm Dass Ji. In future, a group of 500 Devotees of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji will visit Pakistan’s Dera and other Religious Places every year. This is under process and there would be A Mela (fair) every year in Dera Baba Bhuman Shah (Pakistan). With the Blessings of Baba Brahm Dass Ji, Marriages of Poor and Needy girls are arranged in the Dera from time to time. Baba Brahm Dass Ji is serving the Dera with his utmost efforts and capacity. It is the request of the Followers to Baba Bhuman Shah Ji and God, “Your Grace, Love and Affection should always continue on the followers. May Baba Brahm Dass Ji live a life serving Humanity! May he shower Blessings, Affection and Grace to the followers for their welfare by following the path, shown by Baba Bhuman Shah Ji. May God Bless Baba Brahm Dass Ji !

Preaching of Baba Brahm Dass Ji to his followers :

Guru Maharaj Baba Brahm Dass Ji has accepted human life as the Best life in the Universe. He says that God has formed man and man has formed religion to keep alive the Preaching of Saints and Holy men. Baba Ji wishes to spend his life in Remembrance of God and serving Humanity and praying Baba Bhuman Shah Ji to keep him near His Holy Feet and inspire him to serve the society. In this way, Guru Maharaj Ji gives all the Credit to Baba Bhuman Shah Ji’s Divine Power and Devotion. Guru Maharaj considers the Dera his heart and Devotees his body.

Guru Maharaj Baba Brahm Dass ji says that he is only a particle of the Dust of Baba Bhuman Dass Ji’s Holy Feet and prays morn till night that God should always keep him near His Feet and he may spend his whole life serving the Humanity.