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About Baba Bhuman Shah Ji


Param Sant Baba Bhuman Shah Ji Udaseen

Life History of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji Udaseen .        

Param Pujya Bal Yati ( Extreme worshipable celebate since childhood) Baba Bhuman Shah Ji is one of the great Saints of 18th century who dedicated His whole life in continuous remembrance of God and serving the poor, needy and miserable.

According to The Bhagwat Geeta’s  view  Baba Ji remained in this world as a lotus lives in  water. Baba Ji's father Sh. Hassa Ram Pandhu and mother Smt. Rajo Bai were extreme devouts of God and had infinite devotion and dedication towards Udaseen Aacharya  Baba ShriChand Ji Udaseen. They lived at village Bahlolpur, Tehsil Dipalpur, Distt Mintgumri(Punjab) now in Pakistan. Hassa Ram Ji was very sad as he had no child. So he prayed to Baba ShriChand Ji Maharaj to bless him with a child and Baba Bhuman Shah Ji took birth on 14th April 1687 by the grace of Baba ShriChand Ji. Mother Rajjo Bai  had ‘The Darshana’ of Baba ShriChand Ji for continuous eleven nights before the birth of this child. It was the firm determination and  belief of Mata Ji that Baba ShriChand Ji had incarnated in her house.

The child was named Bhumia (later  became famous as Baba Bhuman Shah Ji)
Baba Ji's face had such a glow that the onlookers wanted to see it time and again.At the time of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji’s birth, midwife named Nurbhari ,congratulated father Hassa Ram Ji and said, “This is not an ordinary child but he is an Extraordinary child blessed with divine power”. Pandit Dana Ram made his horoscope and predicted that this child would be a Saint who would deliver men from this materialistic  world and people would bow before  him. Bhumia was sent to school for study at the age of six. Chatter Dass Pandha(teacher) was impressed to see the glow and aura at the face of  Child Bhumia. He  realized  God’s appearance in Child Bhumia.  People saw Divine powers of  Vishnu's incarnation in Baba Bhuman Shah Ji. Baba Ji lived in introverted meditation and many people saw Baba Ji playing with snakes. The village Bahlolpur was suffering from drought and people were very helpless. So they were  migrating to the cities for butter and bread. Baba Ji's father Sh. Hassa Ram Ji also shifted to Dipalpur Town from Bahlolpur and settled there. Baba Bhuman Shah Ji used to graze his cattle in jungle/2 kilometers away from town Dipalpur. He built a Burj (holy pillar) by collecting bricks and stones in the jungle and that Burj is still present in Dipalpur (now in Pakistan). Every year, a festival is organized there.Bhumia (Baba Bhuman Shah Ji) used to remain in meditation and his cattle damaged the  fields  of other people very often. Once a farmer named Sohna Ram ,complained to Baba Ji's father for  destroying his fields by Baba Bhuman Shah Ji's cattle. The panchayat (Jury) went to see the destroyed fields. They were surprised to see that crops were lush green and ungrazed. Sohna Ram was astonished to see this wonderful incident and said,  “The child Bhumia (Baba Bhuman Shah Ji) is a Divine power”.

One day, Baba Ji's father fell ill and BabaJi himself went for labour but the house builder refused to keep him as a labour because he was a child and  not fit to work. Child Bhumia said that as he was a child so he could be given a small ‘tasla’ to carry less sand and be given less wage.
When Baba Bhuman Shah Ji put ‘tasla’ on his head, it remained two  inches above his head. When the house owner and other labourers saw this ‘Chrishma’ all were astonished and they fell into Baba Ji's feet and shouted slogans in his praise. When the construction work was over, the house owner donated that house to Baba Bhuman Shah Ji and Baba Ji converted it into a temple for meditation. From that time, Baba Ji became famous in the nearby area and great scholars of that time were surprised to see the spiritual and religious knowledge of this young Saint. People started coming to seek His blessings and to get answers to their questions related to Spiritualism and God. They always returned home fully satisfied. One day, when Baba Bhumia (Bhuman Shah) was in deep meditation in the temple and at that time   an idea struck  His mind to live a life of celibate .Consequently he told His parents that He had no  interest in this materialistic world. His parents discussed deeply on His request and allowed Him to live a life of  True Celibacy. At that time, Baba Ji's age was only thirteen and He started His journey in search of a true Spiritual mentor (Guru). Baba ShriChand appeared in His dream and asked Him to go to Dipalpur to meet and accept Baba Pritam Dass Ji as His Guru to attain the knowledge of Self- Realisation. As a result, Baba Bhuman Shah reached  the Dera of Baba Pritam Dass Ji in Pakpattan (Pakistan) and fell into his feet.
Baba Pritam Dass Ji lifted Him up and embraced Him and said, "I know everything, You are the incarnation of my Spiritual Guru (Master) Bhagwan ShriChand Ji and has come here to keep the dignity of the Shastra.” In this way Baba Pritam Dass ji adopted Him  as his disciple and gave Him Guru Mantra and ordained Him in the Udaseen Panth and christened Him as Bhuman Shah from Bhumia and said, “From today onwards you will enlighten this world with spiritual knowledge”.

After getting Guru Mantra from Baba Pritam Dass Ji, Baba Bhuman Shah Ji came to live in a jungle near village Kutub Kot, Distt. Mintgumri (Pakistan) and lighted Dhoona (incense fired by medicants) near a well. His name and fame spread all around. People of all castes and creed came to Baba Ji with theirs desires and curiosities and returned home happily with their fulfilled desires. Kutub Kot was a Jagir of Muslim Pathan named Lakha Vattu. It was a Muslim dominated Jagir. Lakha Vattu was kept in Lahore Jail by the Nawab because of a serious crime. Hearing the name and fame of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji, Lakha Vattu's Mother Bakhtavar reached  Baba Ji and she wept loudly and prayed  Baba Bhuman Shah Ji to get his son released from the Lahore Jail. She said that she would remain grateful to Baba Ji for her whole life. Baba Ji laughed and said ,“ The place where  Kutub Kot village is situated is my previous birth’s worship place”.
"I shall get  your son freed but you will have to leave Kutub Kot village and settle somewhere else. Langar will be restarted at  this place.Sadhus(Medicants) and Saints will come here for meditation" . Lakha Vattu's mother at once accepted this condition and the  Almighty's acts are beyond expectations . Fourth day, Lakha Vattu reached home after getting released  from the Lahore Jail. Mata Bakhtavar had no bound of happiness getting her son back home . She bowed her head to Baba Bhuman Shah Ji and thanked Him. Lakha Vattu told his mother and relatives, "A Saint whose face had Divine Power and Divine  Glow appeared at night in the jail. As He appeared, the room was filled with  Divine  Light. First, I was afraid but the Saint said with love and affection, “Don't be afraid, I have come to take you from here. Your mother is waiting for you”. With the grace of Baba Ji my chains of legs loosened automatically and He asked me to follow. I followed Him and we came out of the locked room. I came out of the boundary wall of the jail following the Divine Light of Baba Ji and reached in a few seconds at Kutub Kot village”.
 “I felt I was dreaming. Suddenly that saint disappeared and 1 reached  home”. Next day, LakhaVattu's mother Bakhtavar went to Baba Bhuman Shah Ji's Dera along with his son and relatives. Many fol¬lowers and disciples were sitting there.

Lakha Vattu at once recognized Baba Bhuman Shah Ji and fell into His holy feet. He told all the followers that this Baba ji had got him  released from the Lahore Jail by breaking  the chains with His Divine Power. Hearing this, all the people applauded Baba Ji's Majesty. The atmosphere of the Dera filled with devotion, enthusiasm and belief of God's name. When people heard about this wonderful incident Baba Ji's name and fame spread  all around. People from far and near started coming to Baba Ji for His ‘Darshan’. They always touched His holy feet and sought blessings.

On the other hand, Mother Bakhtavar started gathering the people of her clan and persuaded them to evacuate Kutub Kot village. She donated 5000 acres of land to Baba ji’s Dera  . Her relatives Kutubdin and Tajdin objected to this and questioned that Baba Ji should show them the symbol of  his previous birth place where he continuously run ‘Langar’ so that they might know that this was Baba Ji's worship place of previous birth.
Hearing this Baba Ji smiled and asked them to dig a particular place at Kutub Kot. After digging the place, they found Baba Bhuman Shah Ji's previous birth’s Chimta (forcepts always kept by medicants), Kamandal (an earthern and wooden pot used by celibates) and Degcha (large pot for cooking food),

Kadaha (big pan) and Tawa (round piece of iron on which bread is baked).

Tajdin got tempted to grab this material. He challenged Baba Ji's Divine

Power and attacked Baba Ji's Dera. By the miracle and Divine Power of Baba Ji, Tajdin's soldiers started fighting with one another. Seeing this Tajdin got  horrified and acccepted his defeat and fell into Baba Ji's Holy Feet. All the Pathans were stunned to see this miracle and they realized that this land was related to Baba Ji's previous birth’s sacred grove.
As a result of it, the Pathans presented Kutub Kot village to Baba  Bhuman Shah Ji and settled seven kilometers away at a new village under the leadership of Mata Bakhtavar. The very new village was named Lakha Haveli and village Kutub Kot was renamed as Baba Bhuman Shah village. Even now this village is known as  Bhuman Shah Village  situated in Distt. Mintgumri (Pakistan).

In this way, Baba Bhuman Shah came to his previous birth place of worship and started ‘Langar’. As usually, Baba Ji's followers donated essential material for ‘Langar’ and served Baba Ji with Tan-Man-Dhan. In return Baba Ji blessed His followers and devotees with Divine grace and Blessings. Baba Ji blessed all His disciples ignor¬ing  their caste, creed and religion. Due to this, Baba Ji’s Dera progressed by leaps and bounds. Living a life of a true Saint and Udaseen Baba Bhuman Shah left this mortal world on 27th December 1747 (Vikramee Samwat 1804, 13th of Poush Month) and became one and all with, God. Seven days before leaving His body, Baba Bhuman Shah Ji made Baba Nirmal Chand Ji His successor  , in the presence of all the followers by putting mark on his forehead and strapping holy thread and pagri (turban). 


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