Baba Bhuman Shah Ji

Teachings of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji

The acts of the Almighty are infinite that the History and Teachings of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji Udaseen are hereby being presented by The Dera Baba Bhuman Shah Sangar Saristan (Sirsa). This is a matter of great happiness that you will come to know about the Teachings and Life history of Baba Bhuman Shah and all of you will get motivation and inspiration to live a true life and remembering God every moment. This will lead you to the right path towards God.

  • The Dera believes in Ekmev, Advitya (Unique), Omni present, Omnicient, Omnipotent God who is Nirgun as well as Sagun.
  • The Dera believes in Nirgun-Nirakar, Sagun-Sakar God ( One who has forms and attributes, without formed attribute, without form and with form) Who creates the universe, sustains in the middle and absorbs the world in itself. He is Eternal.
  • The Dera considers that God can be easily realised by continous remembrance of God. In the Dera, every morning and evening Gurubani is recited and Aarti and Prayer to God and Baba Bhuman Shah is done.
  • By attending the Satsangs interest increases in remembering God. Gradually the human mind forgoes the attachment of world and enjoy the Love of God .
  • The Dera gives the entire importance to serving the poor, needy and sick because service done unselfishly diverts into Devotion.
  • The Dera does not accept any kind of discrimination as casteism, richness and poverty, upper and lower classes in human beings.
  • The Dera considers all kinds of violence evil and strictly instructs the Followers to avoid from all kinds of violence.
  • The Dera does not accept any kind of discrimination as casteism, richness and poverty, upper and lower classes in human beings.
  • The Dera does not allow any kind of Intoxication and Drugs because Intoxication makes man weak Economically, Physically, Mentally,Morally and Socially .
  • Asceticism (Sanyas) from the wordly thing is by mind (mann) and not by body.The Dera preaches the followers that they should remain away from Materialism.
  • The Dera considers the female- foeticide as an abominable crime and inspires the followers to curb this menace.
  • God can be only realized under the Guidance and Grace of Guru. The Dera gives utmost importance to the Guru and Saints who have realized God.
  • Always think positive. One who always keeps tracking on the true path will lead to progress and prosperity.
  • The Dera strictly prohibits Dowry- system.
  • Serving the parents is called the Sacred act.
  • Anger diverts into Peace by regular remembrance of God.

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